Web Hosting
A web host is a dedicated space for serving content on the world wide web. It typically consists of a computer, or chain of computers referenced as a server. These servers hold all of the files necessary for running a website and are typically the final location of a domain request before returning content to your browser. There are hundreds of companies dedicated to hosting web content, and typically vary by their offerings on-top of their servers, including: security, application integrations, redundancy, speed, and more.


  • There are many different hosting plans, though they typically boil down to three different types of hosting. First is called shared hosting, which is basically a single server with multiple websites being hosted within. This is great for small and low traffic websites, and typically the cheapest plan. Next is a virtual private server (VPS), which is a dedicated space on a server with greater flexibility and control. This is typical of a growing website with greater backend customization requirements. And finally a dedicated server is a completely isolated server specifically created for a single website. This is the most expensive of the three and is primarily used for high-traffic and high-requirement websites.
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