Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Secure sockets layer is a protocol for authenticating and securing the connection between computers. It creates a cryptographic pairing of secure and public keys that are required to access encrypted information. Our most common use of SSL is through the https protocol, which creates an authentic, integrated and encrypted communication between a website and its' integrated servers. An example of the importance of an SSL usage is through the transfer of private information. Without SSL the processing of information as important as credit cards, social security numbers, and login credentials are passed in plain text; opening up the possibility for prying eyes to view that information. SSL encrypts this information with a unique mathematical equation only solvable with the pairing public and pairing keys, safely sending this data without as much worry about people catching this data during transfer.


  • Most modern web hosts will have an autonomous option to add SSL to your website. Though, there are multiple companies to purchase from, including: digicert, GlobalSign, Let's Encrypt, and more.
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