In an effort to continuously hold ourselves to a higher standard, we’ve created various public resources to encourage transparency and accountability within our community.
The following resources consist of processes, definitions, best-practices, and various other items we (LUNCH LADY) use in our day-to-day practices for projects as a digital agency. While not everyone interprets these resources the same way we do, we make an honest effort to follow industry standards and the latest insights. And as these standards and insights are continuously evolving, we also continue to make modifications and contributions to these resources.


  • Assemble the necessary team members responsible for, or familiar with, the specifics of your project. The popularly optimal team size is recommended at seven, plus or minus three.
  • Assign a project owner within this team to be responsible for keeping everyone on task, getting the necessary assets together, and identifying any potentially conclusive information.
  • While not required, a team consisting of both client and agency individuals can give a greater level of ownership and diversity of perspective on a project that can ultimately lead to a greater impact on the results.
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